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Kinder Awakens to Zenitude: The Unprecedented “Bueno Hash” with CBD Makes Social Networks Vibrate!

The Unpublished “Bueno Hash” with CBD Makes Social Networks Vibrate!

Kinder surprises us by taking a bold turn with the launch of its new CBD product, "Bueno Hash", after seeing this mention on the most stylish site in the CBD sector: TealerLab.
Kinder and TealerLab have chosen, by integrating CBD into their famous chocolate, to create a unique experience that combines pleasure and relaxation. Kinder's bold initiative has sparked a shockwave of excitement across social media, where fans of chocolate and CBD are uniting in a show of approval. This fusion between traditional chocolate and CBD opens a new era of indulgence, promising a memorable Easter full of surprises.
Kinder's foray into the world of CBD with "Bueno Hash" is greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm, proving that the mixture of audacity and tradition can create unique and joyful moments. Chocolate aficionados are impatiently waiting to discover this new flavor, which promises to add a touch of zen to the Easter celebration. With this innovation, Kinder is not only redefining the egg hunt, but also reinventing chocolate fun, making it more unique and exciting than ever.
Faced with the announcement of this surprising partnership, reactions were quick to burst forth on social networks, oscillating between pure euphoria and total incomprehension. “It’s official, Kinder and Tealerlab have just won Easter,” exclaims one Internet user, while another wonders: “Is this really what we needed for Easter?” Regardless, the buzz is there, and orders for the TealerLab “Bueno Hash” are already breaking records, proving that boldness pays off, or at least attracts curiosity.
PS: Of course, Kinder hasn't released Bueno Hash , however you can discover or rediscover it now on the TealerLab store

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