Le CBD: 10 000 ans d'histoire 🍁 par Tealerlab

CBD: 10,000 years of history 🍁 by Tealerlab

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The origin of hemp

Hemp is a historic plant . It is one of the plants that were domesticated more than 10,000 years ago, especially in Asia. Over the centuries it ended up spreading all over the world, particularly in Europe. It was originally used to make clothing thanks to its strong fiber, but also to make ropes and other utensils requiring a strong and resistant fiber .

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The benefits of Hemp in medicine

In ancient Egypt, its medicinal benefits were gradually discovered. Indeed, the Egyptians regularly used the hemp plant in the form of oil to treat inflammation and muscle pain . The Greeks, the Chinese, all consumed Cannabis for therapeutic and textile purposes. Later, in the Middle Ages, hemp fiber would be used to make paper and clothing. The first traces of recreational use of Cannabis date back to the 17th century. And at the beginning of the 19th century, Hemp or Cannabis was considered a drug.

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The discovery of CBD

It was later, in the 1960s , that INRA and the National Federation of Hemp Producers began work to isolate the THC molecule (responsible for psychotropic effects), with the aim of limiting the concentration of the plant. Cannabis in THC, and to resume agricultural crops without risk in terms of the law. In 1964, an Israeli laboratory isolated the THC molecule, CBD was born. CBD is now legal in Europe, the THC level in the Cannabis plant must be less than 0.2%

70 years later, TEALERLAB arrives on the CBD market, for its various virtues, relaxing, calming and relieving. Sold in the form of flower, resin, herbal tea or even oil , CBD never ceases to surprise you.

CBD culture and its history according to tealerlab

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