FAQ - TealerLab CBD Shop

Why Order From TealerLab?

We select the best CBD, through several suppliers from France, Switzerland, Italy and the USA. Thanks to a team of experts, we select the best qualities, the most beautiful buds and the best tastes to guarantee a quality product to our customers.

Are your products legal?

Each product is tested in 2 different laboratories to be certain that our products are below the authorized levels of 0.2% THC. We provide laboratory results on each product sheet to allow you to analyze the result yourself and find what suits you best.

Can CBD show up on drug tests?

Although most drug tests look for THC, it is possible that regular consumption of full-spectrum CBD could result in positive results.

Is purchasing on your site and sending it discreet?

The purchase on our site will be registered as TEALERLAB on your bank statement, our shipping is secure and discreet, we deliver in insulated sealed bags, in a cardboard box with odor-proof paper. No risk of control or knowing what is in the package. You can have it delivered directly to your home or to a parcel relay for even more discretion!

I see that you are domiciled in France, but where are our packages sent from?

We ship our packages from France, via GLS carrier or parcel relay. You can benefit from order tracking via our TEALERLAB telegram or in your email using the order tracking number provided on your invoice.

Can we pay via PayPal?

Paypal does not yet accept CBD-related money transfers. This is why, as a major market player, we use Checkout, which is completely secure!

I would like to be advised, how can I contact you?

If you are looking to contact us, do not hesitate to call us at 05 25 53 01 35 , on our TEALERLAB Instagram, at the email address contact@tealerlab.com or on the site's CHAT. Our team responds as quickly and precisely as possible to your requests.

Does your site have a customer loyalty system?

Yes ! We have a loyalty system called “Weedelité” available on the site. By winning challenges, you will earn CBD Coins which you can exchange for discounts or other gifts. In addition, from 70€ of order you will receive an additional FREE BUD!

Can we refer friends?

Our sponsorship system can be found on every page of our site! It's called FREEBUD, you can give a free head to your friends at any time. If he receives his head and orders then you will also win your FREEBUD! You can also sponsor your friends via the weedelité system, in order to receive a gift at the same time as your friend!

What is telegram for?

Telegram brings together our entire loyalty and sponsorship system but also our weekly offers, our discounts, promotions, and exclusive releases. You also have the possibility to track your orders and ask us questions!

What is the recommended dose of CBD?
The recommended dose of CBD varies depending on many factors, such as your weight, metabolism, severity of your medical condition, etc. It is important to start with a small dose and gradually increase until you achieve the desired effect. It is also recommended to consult a healthcare professional before starting to take CBD.