Meilleur programme d’affiliation CBD en France Meilleur programme d’affiliation CBD en France

Best CBD Affiliate Program in France

Discover the preferred affiliate program of top French CBD affiliates. By becoming a Tealerlab partner, you can say goodbye to CBD affiliate programs that don't convert. Our partners make money online easily in 2024 thanks to affiliate commissions from our CBD products. Our best affiliates earn over €10,000 in commission per month!

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DON'T WASTE TIME, MONETIZE YOUR TRAFFIC today by joining the best CBD affiliate program in 2024

  • • Up to 35% commission per sale
  • • Personalized promo code up to 40%
  • • Open to all: Blog, social networks, media buy (subject to conditions), etc.
  • • High conversion rate
  • • Cookie 30 days, last click
  • • 5% commission on affiliates you sponsor
  • • Powerful tracking system, No “shave” guarantee
  • • Clear affiliate dashboard, full transparency
  • • Customer reviews of 4.8/5 out of 4087 reviews
  • • Strong brand image and premium products at the best price

Why Join the Tealerlab CBD Affiliate Program?

We have one of the best affiliate programs in the CBD niche in France. Thanks to our strong brand image, high conversion rate and generous CBD affiliate commissions, you will have no trouble monetizing your traffic. Our premium CBD, THCP+, H4CBD and HSD products are selling like hot cakes! We offer delivery within 24/48 hours and have one of the best after-sales services on the market. With customer reviews of 4.8/5 out of 4087 reviews, you can be sure that the customers you send to will be satisfied!

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How it works ?

It's very simple, just register by filling out the registration form, it takes 1 minute. Then our team will study your request and if all the criteria are met, accept your application. You will then have access to your affiliate dashboard. There, you will find your affiliate link to promote our products on your favorite medium (website, social networks, etc.). Each purchase made via this link will earn you a commission of up to 35%. On top of that, you can benefit from a personalized promo code of up to 40% for your audience.
That's all you have to do for the technical implementation. Tracking and calculating commissions are fully supported by our affiliate platform.

Who can participate in the Tealerlab Affiliate Program?

We accept almost all media, blog, traffic buying, social media, email marketing, etc. We remain open to all kinds of partnerships. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss it.

Become a super CBD affiliate for Tealerlab

Our CBD affiliate program is perfectly suited to SEO blogs and specialized websites that have a qualified audience likely to purchase CBD products. We offer a wide range of products, THCP+ flowers, H4CB resin, THC Gummies, Magic puff HSD, CBD oil, etc… We sell all the best cannabinoid molecules legal in France. You will have no trouble finding products that match your audience. We already work with the best affiliate sites on the market.

CBD affiliate program tailored to buy media

If you are a media buyer and looking for a successful CBD affiliate program. So, you are in the right place, at tealerlab, we have created a program that perfectly meets the expectations of affiliates who want to advertise. We have a high conversion rate on our e-commerce site and Tealerlab is a strong and recognized brand. Then, our media buy affiliates are already making money with our program. Why not you ?
(Please note, media buy is subject to conditions, please contact us to find out about them)

CBD Affiliation for Influencers/Social Media

If you have a community on social networks (Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.) and you want to monetize it effectively. Then CBD affiliation is for you. Many people buy legal cannabis products through influencers. This is a real opportunity to make easy money on the internet in 2024. In addition, our range of products addresses a large number of consumer issues. Whether your audience is looking for CBD for sleep, for stress, anxiety or looking for new euphoric, psychotropic molecules, we have what you need. Register for the program without further delay!

Become a super CBD affiliate for Tealerlab

If you think you can recruit affiliates. If you are a trainer or if you have a blog on make money for example. Then our 2-level affiliate program is for you. In fact, you will earn a 5% commission on all the affiliates you sponsor as long as your affiliates make sales, with no time limit. You have questions ? Send an email to to discuss.

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“I highly recommend Tealerlab's Purple Haze, it's the first time I've really found the expected effects with CBD, plus it's super beautiful 💚”

- “The kings of marketing are launching into CBD! With great products and great communication as usual”

“I highly recommend Tealerlab's Purple Haze, it's the first time I've really found the expected effects with additional CBD””

Commission structure

Discover the preferred affiliate program of top French CBD affiliates. By becoming a Tealerlab partner, you can say goodbye to CBD affiliate programs that don't convert. Our partners make money online easily in 2024 thanks to affiliate commissions from our CBD products. Our best affiliates earn over €10,000 in commission per month!

Level 1 // affiliate

  • • From 0 to 100 sales: 20% commission
  • • From 100 to 200 sales: 30% commission
  • • 200+ sales: 35% commission

Level 2 // Super Affiliates

  • • Earn 5% commissions on all revenue generated by the affiliates you sponsor, for life.

How to Succeed in CBD Affiliate Marketing in 2024

If you want to get started in CBD affiliation or if you are struggling to get your sales off the ground. Here are tips from our affiliate marketing expert.

CBD affiliation on a blog or specialized website

  • • First of all, if you want to earn money by recommending CBD products, you have to choose your communication medium carefully.
  • • Blog SEO, social networks, media buy, email marketing, etc. They all work great with CBD.

  • • Next, you have to choose the right partners.
  • • Your partner's online store must have a high conversion rate and quality products.

  • • Then, you need to create quality content to encourage your audience to buy these products.
  • • Don't hesitate to use sales strategies, copywriting, etc.

  • • Finally, if you can, test the products you offer.
  • • No matter how you do affiliate marketing, if you know what you're talking about, you'll sell it better.

The 4 best methods for doing CBD affiliation in 2024

To succeed in CBD affiliation in 2024, it is possible to adopt one of the following 4 methods, each of which has its advantages.

  • • SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term strategy. It involves choosing relevant keywords and creating quality content to attract qualified visitors. The benefit of SEO is that once established, it can drive consistent traffic to your affiliate partner's store, increasing the duration and potential earnings of your efforts.

  • • Social Media: Using social media offers the benefit of engaging directly with potential customers. By growing a community and sharing relevant content, you can quickly promote your partners' offerings and promote their brand. This method allows for more personal interaction and can lead to quick conversions.

  • • Media Buy: Traffic buying or media buying is a more direct approach. By creating targeted advertising campaigns, you can attract visitors specifically interested in CBD products. This method requires an understanding of advertising platforms and the ability to create effective ads and landing pages. Although it may involve an initial investment, the remuneration can be significant if the campaigns are managed well.

  • • Email Marketing: Email marketing is an effective method for communicating directly with a targeted audience. By developing a list of subscribers interested in cannabinoid molecules, you can send newsletters, special offers, and information on your partners' products. This approach promotes the creation of a relationship of trust with your community and allows you to personalize messages according to the interests of subscribers. Email marketing campaigns, when designed well, can lead to a high conversion rate and lasting customer loyalty.


Natural CBD products 🌱

What is CBD affiliation?

CBD Affiliate offers affiliates the chance to actively promote quality CBD products. By joining a CBD affiliate program, partners use unique links to recommend CBD flowers, resins, oils, gummies, or other products to their audience. Each sale made through these links results in a lucrative commission for the affiliate. This partnership is ideal for bloggers, influencers, and website owners looking to monetize their content while sharing the benefits of CBD products with their community. This CBD affiliate model represents an innovative method for generating income online, while contributing to the growing popularity of the CBD market.

How much can I earn with Tealerlab CBD Affiliate?

There is no earning limit with our CBD affiliate program. Our best affiliates earn more than €10,000 in commissions per month just with Tealerlab products, knowing who recommends around ten brands. We have paid almost €150,000 in remuneration to all our affiliates over the last 3 months.

Does it take a lot of traffic to make money with affiliate marketing?

No not necessarily. In CBD affiliate marketing, the secret is the quality of the traffic, the visitors. If you don't have a lot of traffic or followers but the traffic is qualified, has an appeal for CBD products and you publish quality content. Then you can already earn money by recommending our online store.

Can I benefit from a promo code for my audience?

Yes, you can have a promo code of up to 40% for your audience. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Are there any special conditions for participating in the program?

No special conditions other than having a legitimate and legal communication medium.

When will I get paid?

Join the program now
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