tealerlab qui sommes nous ?

TEALERLAB, who are we? 🇫🇷

alex and jeff tealer

The origin of the brand.

TEALER was founded in 2012 by Jeff and Alex. The small Parisian t-shirt brand is quickly gaining momentum and quickly, what was just an idea with a printing machine in a cellar is transformed into a real streetwear brand. The machine is launched, after collaborations with VICE, SCHOTT and artists like VLADIMIR CAUCHEMAR, TEALER becomes a reference in the world of sape in France. Focused on a “Dealer T-shirt” delirium, it is quite natural that Jeff and Alex, in 2019, think about the CBD market. The TEALERLAB project is in the works and 1 year later, the two young entrepreneurs are launching it.

tealerlab cbd

TEALERLAB, from concept to reality.

It is in January 2021 that the project officially begins. With a “drop” system, TEALER regulars are gradually discovering CBD with TEALERLAB. Customer feedback is encouraging, the project must take on another dimension. Thus, in June 2021, 5 months after the launch of the project, our two entrepreneurs set out to find a team to develop the brand and take this historic turning point that is CBD.

tealerlab boutique


September 2021, at the time these lines are written, a real product line is already available on the brand's website, the first Parisian shop has just opened its doors, thanks to incredible marketing and quality products, Jeff's second success is Alex is only a matter of time, in a booming market, CBD and TEALERLAB have not finished surprising us...

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