Comment Choisir ses fleurs de CBD ?

How to Choose Quality CBD Flowers?

As you know, CBD flowers are a hit for their relaxing properties. They are generally used to reduce anxiety, stress and can help you get to sleep.

But to take advantage of it, you still have to be able to choose from all the offers. So how do you recognize a quality CBD flower?

Tealerlab gives you all the information to become the Mbappe of CBD'

What are CBD flowers? Tealerlab


The base. CBD flowers are the large buds - or buds - that grow on female Sativa L cannabis plants and more precisely female hemp plants.

They look, taste and smell like cannabis flowers. However, they differ from these in several points

They are grown from natural hemp plants containing a tiny concentration of THC (less than 0.2/3%), which means that they do not cause any psychotropic effects.

After curing and drying, the flowers are offered for sale for the beneficial effects they provide, due to their high CBD content.

That's for the base.

But we know that what you want is QUALITY.

So Tealerlab guides you to differentiate between not-so-great CBD weed and high-end CBD weed, here we go!

choose quality CBD flowers


If you want to enjoy all the benefits of CBD flower, you need to make sure it's quality. And several criteria will allow you to determine this:

🥦The appearance and aromas of the flowers
🥦The method of cultivation
🥦The CBD level



One of the main characteristics of CBD flower is its aroma.

The intensity of the scent is an essential criterion for evaluating the quality of the CBD flower. A good quality flower will have a very powerful scent.

Intense scent is the biggest indicator of high terpene content and is also directly linked to their potency

That said, you should know that the smell of a flower can vary enormously from one variety to another. Depending on the variety chosen, it can be fruity, chocolatey, earthy, etc…

Indeed, beyond the decisive stage of drying and refining, it is above all the genetic background which determines the terpene profile of the plant.

It can be a real festival: citrus ( MOJO MANGO CBD ) , red fruits ( S TRAWBERRY CBD ), wood, flowery, earthy ( OG KUSH CBD ) , and even diesel ( S OUR DIESEL CBD ).

In short, a good quality CBD flower provides material for oenology.

How to recognize a quality CBD flower


Just like aroma, the brighter the color of a CBD flower, the higher its quality. A bright color indicates that the product is fresh and properly dried.

Good quality CBD flowers look sun-drenched and look like they were picked yesterday (they weren't, but that doesn't matter).

They are a bright green tinged with yellow/orange touches and dotted with small translucent crystals which illuminate everything wonderfully / A good CBD flower will have a light green color, with orange pistils and a shiny layer of trichomes

Be careful, a quality flower can also have notes of purple, blue, pink, etc.

CBD flower color


A dull, brown, opaque bloom may indicate an improper drying process. Flowers that appear bleached can also be victims of too much exposure to light.

But don't stop at the color of your flowers.

In all cases, the most important thing is the vibrancy of the colors, and not the shade itself. Indeed, an average quality flower will be slightly dull and opaque. And a poor quality flower will look downright sick: pale complexion, dead pistils...


The best CBD flowers are covered in trichomes, those translucent white hairs on the surface of the flowers. They should be shiny and white!

They are extremely important because they produce and contain all of the compounds in cannabis.

In fact, trichomes are the factories that produce the resin in which the very precious cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, etc.) are found, as well as terpenes, which are the substances responsible for smell and taste. cannabis.

You understand, the more trichomes there are, the better, because the more your flower will be full of cannabinoids, the more intense its effects will be. And the more fragrant and tasty it will be!

Normally, you should be able to assess the amount of trichomes with the naked eye: they are small translucent droplets that glow in the light.

But when in doubt, take the bud between your thumb and forefinger: does it stick a little and do you feel a little resistance? This is a good sign, because the resin supposed to cover your flower is sticky.

You can also appreciate the trichomes with your phone flash and camera zoom

Quality CBD flowers


It is common to see quality CBD flowers covered in many colorful pistils.

The tiny orange, brown or rarer red, pink and purple hairs represent the maturity of the flower and their presence is a clear signal of a high quality product and a confirmation of the correct maturation of the plant.

This means that the plant comes from controlled cultivation and the farmer is an expert in his field.

A CBD flower is only able to offer its full potential to your taste buds (and your poor stressed neurons) if it has had time to fully develop before being picked.

Some growers, to optimize production, do not wait for the flowers to mature. Especially since not everyone knows how to differentiate a mature flower from one that is still too young... Except that in reality, it's not very complicated.

Take a magnifying glass and look for the little hairs on the flower: these are its pistils. If you estimate that they are more than 70% orange/brown, then this means that the bud was picked from a mature plant.

On the contrary, if the pistils are mostly whitish or yellow, it is because the grower was in a little too much of a hurry.

a quick and easy way to determine the quality of a CBD flower!


A quality CBD flower will have a perfectly trimmed nugget-like or bulbous appearance.

Quality CBD flowers should be quite tight, dense and well-formed. Avoid CBD flowers with “airy” structures and visible stems.

Then the quality of a flower can be appreciated by touch.

Take your flower between your thumb and index finger, it is sticky and it returns to its initial shape? Perfect.

Poor quality CBD flower may be too wet or too dry

If it's too dry, it breaks down easily in your hand. If it is too humid, mold may appear.

Try to break off a small part of the flower. If it feels “sticky” to the touch (i.e. resinous and therefore loaded with cannabinoids) but is still slightly crunchy, then you have an excellent quality flower.

If the drying and refining have been carried out according to the rules of the art, then your flower is neither too wet nor too dry. And besides, this soft appearance is strongly correlated to the intensity of the smell (and therefore the taste)!

The smoke from a flower that is too dry will scratch your throat and taste buds. Conversely, a flower that is too humid will have a very pronounced herbaceous smell, of course, but when it comes to smoking it, good luck... Without saying that it has perhaps become a breeding ground for microbes.

Choosing quality CBD flowers


Hemp is a remarkable plant because it is extremely versatile. However, when it comes to smoking, only flowers are useful!

Neither the seeds, stems, nor leaves contain cannabinoids and terpenes.

On the contrary, under the effect of combustion, these components can only harm the experience, as they produce aggressive and very unpleasant smoke.

Here's why good quality CBD flower will always be sold without leaves, stems and seeds. For this, she will have undergone a high-end manicure session, which will absolutely be done by hand.

You will have no trouble telling the difference between a carefully manicured flower and a mechanically manicured flower. The well-groomed bud takes the shape of a small, compact nugget cut to the millimeter: nothing sticks out!


The quality of a CBD flower also depends on the environment in which it was grown.

Cultivation methods are diverse and the jargon used by specialists can confuse the consumer. So what do these different names mean?


As the name suggests, “indoor” cannabis flower is grown indoors, duh!

Grow rooms are the newest method. They enable premium CBD flowers with full control over production. Crops are protected from bad weather and the ravages of insects. The quality of CBD flowers is excellent and the CBD level is often more concentrated than in other flower ranges.

You can find our selection of CBD Indoor flowers here

CBD Flowers Grown Indoors


Greenhouse means “greenhouse” in English and Greenhouse CBD flowers are CBD flowers grown in greenhouses.

Growing CBD flowers in a greenhouse is halfway between indoor and outdoor cultivation.

The greenhouse allows you to create a microclimate and be able to control the light but also to guarantee a product grown on the ground, while respecting the needs of the plant.

The soils are often richer than the potting mixes found for indoor cultivation, resulting in good quality plants and therefore almost flawless hemp flowers.

The Greenhouse cultivation method therefore allows for a better quality of hemp flowers than outdoor cultivation and is more ecological and less expensive than indoor cultivation.

CBD flowers therefore take the best of the other two crops.

You can find our CBD flowers grown in a greenhouse here

CBD flowers grown in a Greenhouse


Growing CBD flowers outdoors is the oldest and most natural way of growing. CBD flowers are grown outdoors and without the protection of a greenhouse.

It is thus subject to climatic hazards such as wind, hail, cold, rain, etc.

As a result, the result of this type of cultivation produces flowers that are often imperfect and of lower quality than with other cultivation methods, but with very marked characteristics.

Flowers grown outdoors are generally flowers with fairly pronounced earthy nuances and a more authentic aroma. Outdoor CBD flowers are recognizable by their fairly light green buds and the size of the buds.

CBD Flowers Grown Outdoors

This is to evaluate the quality of the flower by what we can see.

But this is the visible part of the iceberg because ONE criterion is as important as all the others: THE LEVEL OF CBD


An extremely important principle to understand when becoming a CBD consumer is: the entourage effect

Cannabis is made up of more than 400 compounds, working in synergy and creating the famous ' ENTOURAGE EFFECT ' . Which means that all the compounds in cannabis work together to enhance the effect of each other.

It's real teamwork!

420 tealerlab CBD SHOP

The entourage effect is important for our subject because through the entourage effect, the proportions of each molecule of the plant depend on each other.

When we block the growth of one of the molecules, for example THC, then the development of the other molecules is proportional in the rest of the plant.

This is why the highest CBD/THC ratio observed to date is 33/1.

This means that a plant containing 1% THC will contain a maximum of 33% CBD. The average ratio is around 20/1.

When the maximum level of THC authorized in France is less than 0.3%, the level of CBD naturally present in the plant does not exceed 11%

If you see particularly high levels of CBD, it's likely that the grower has sprayed CBD on the flower or has added CBD in some way. Therefore, choose a CBD level equal to or less than 13%.

Beyond that, it is preferable to turn to a resin!

CBD Resin - TealerLab CBD Shop

Finally, be sure to choose a CBD flower seller who opts for transparency on their site. Important information must be highlighted (such as the THC level contained in the flowers and the origin). He should be able to answer your questions quickly and at best he should have his own photos of hemp flowers.


That's a delicate question.

As you know, the benefits of CBD are numerous and can be grouped into two categories: therapeutic effects and relaxing effects.

The CBD content is very important in the effects felt when consuming CBD flowers and depends on each individual's needs.

Buying CBD flowers based solely on high CBD is an outdated approach. If you buy alcohol, do you always opt for the bottle with the highest alcohol content?

➡ So, what is the level of CBD suitable for your consumption?

At the risk of disappointing you, it is impossible to say precisely which dosage is best suited to your needs. It's up to you to experiment.

Everyone’s ideal CBD dose is different. Each strain affects an individual differently. Many physiological factors come into play when taking cannabidiol, such as weight, height or targeted symptoms.

This is why consumption must be gradual. It is recommended to adopt a gradual approach in order to find the right dosage.

Start with the strains with the lowest levels of cannabidiol and gradually increase the dosage as needed. For example, if you consume a flower with a rate of 5%, it is more judicious to switch to a product with an 8% content rather than increasing the regularity of your consumption. You follow?

As an indication, CBD flowers with less than 8-9% CBD should have a more or less mild relaxing effect. When we move to levels beyond 10-12% CBD then the sedative effects become more powerful.

powerful cbd flowers

Because we know that you are adventurers...

➡ What is the most powerful CBD flower?

The strongest CBD variety that you will find in our CBD Shop is none other than MoonRock . Indeed, this CBD flower has been covered with pollen and CBD crystals. It has a content of 80 to 85%, for a rich and powerful experience.

You can also turn to our powerful CBD flower varieties, rich in CBD. You will find quality, natural and organic solutions!



The CBD business has made a lot of money in recent years and it is therefore logical that we see unscrupulous entrepreneurs arriving who seek to extract as much value as possible, even if it means offering poor quality products.


Remember, in France the law therefore limits the THC level of CBD products to 0.3%.

However, these rates differ depending on other European countries. In Switzerland, CBD with a THC content of less than 1% is legal. In Italy it is 0.6.

Large producers who deliver to several European countries cannot cultivate and harvest very large quantities of CBD with a fixed THC level of less than 0.3%. They also do not bother to grow several different crops on their farms because this would be too expensive.

Unable to do without markets where the legal rate is less than 0.3%, they use techniques to lower the THC level of part of their CBD flower harvest.

The problem is that obviously it is not only the THC level that will be reduced and the other cannabinoids will also be altered. In addition, certain methods, which are not very clean, will clearly pose a problem of harm to consumers.

red card tealerlab cbd shop


In addition to the transparency of sellers or producers about their products, there are still some visual details to check regarding CBD flower.

First: A color that is too yellow will be a sign of a flower damaged by too intense washing.

Additionally, when touched, a very sticky CBD flower will certainly be a sign of a solvent enema or excessive or poor quality terpene vaporization.

The flower must also be homogeneous and return to its shape fairly quickly if you squeeze it between your fingers. If it takes too long to reform, it is certainly because it has undergone treatment.

Finally, when consuming, if the throat stings or burns, this is unfortunately often a sign of treatment for CBD flower.

Make sure the CBD flower seller can provide a certificate of analysis that determines the quality and purity of the products. This scientific document is generally produced by an independent laboratory and provides guarantees on the cannabinoid profile (CBD level, THC) as well as the origin of the CBD flower.


Now you know how to recognize quality CBD flowers, choose the ones that suit you and make the best use of them.

Besides, that’s good, we have a complete guide on HOW TO CONSUME CBD FLOWER 😉

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